Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time out

Time to go traveling for a week and let Moe rest for a bit. It's been a pretty big week for both of us. She and I will still have a couple days of detail work when I return. But 'til then she's looking pretty righteous.

I started too early this morning, before the coffee was working properly. When I went down to start the fire I decided to replace one carriage bolt with an original Nevills bolt that Greg gave me—one from the Sandra. When I went to vacuum the sawdust out I realized the floor paint was still quite wet. Dammit. But doesn't that bolt look nice? Note that the tip of the bolt is perfectly flush with the nut and still has the original paint on it. Pretty good fit. Sawdust in paint below.

A cluster of the Nevills clan came by to welcome Moe into the world. Both Moe's granddaughters, two grand-son-in-laws, two great-grandkids, and two great-great-grandkids.

 And I set into the lettering process. Nevills Expedition has a lot of letters. Thank god Moe does not.

Low light in the evening hides a world of sins.


  1. Brad. I must say the natural an improvement. She looks sound and..very Cataract. I'll bet Norm would like it. Guess you are going to replicate the ring oarlocks, mounted to the oars? Going with custom Smokers, or-? Love the old latches, too. Have you contacted Katie Lee? I'll be she'd get an eye twinkle about Moe. I sure do. Good work.

  2. Chicken Creek C.C.-? Humm, guess I have to re-enter my blog acct. name. Andy, cheers.