Dory Moon presents Desolation: Extended Play Edition

You guessed it--postponed indefinitely by Covid. Check back later.

I'm not really sure why I put this page up each year, because the trip is usually sold out by the time I get it posted. Which it almost is.

Anyhow, the Dory Moon expedition for 2020 is the Green River from Ouray to Green River Utah. May 19-30. We'll meet in Green River the night of the 19th. Do an archaeological tour of Nine-Mile Canyon on the 20th and motel it around Vernal. We launch at Ouray on the 21st, and take out at the River Terrace Hotel in Green River the afternoon of the 30th.

The first few days on the river are in the rarely visited stretch above Sand Wash, and are all about rock art and wilderness camping. Then we enter the "normal" stretch of the Green River Wilderness, which is cowboys and Indians, great scenery, and of course, Dory Moon style camping. We've got Kate doing archaeology, RJ with geology, Brad blathering, and Andy leading the trip and the band. Coop may be along telling tales as well. Here are a few pictures from our 2012 run.


1) The Ute tribe has closed the left bank to all visitation, so some normally visited sites will be missed. This may or may not be a forever thing.

2) It might rain or snow or be hot. Wind might blow.

3) There might be bugs. Mosquitoes and gnats. Make you crazy. Or maybe there won't be.

4) The water might be really low. Or really high. Or just perfect.

5) Brad's bass playing hasn't gotten any better.

But if you want to go, give Andy a holler and see if it's already full. Probably is but maybe not. Here is his email:

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