Sunday, July 29, 2012

River adventures

I am back in town for a few days after three back-to-back Grand Canyon trips. Here are a few highlights.

A floating banquet finale to our first trip--a one-boat motor excursion:

That went on into the night:

My birthday party at Poncho's--which involved crocodile swims, throw bags, back-flips, and a late night raging dance and song-fest on the J-rig. My favorite birthday (that I can remember). 

Corrupting Marieke to the evils of being a motorboatman. She loved it. outfitted the almost-all-female crew for my last row trip. I had to represent the male species. It was difficult, but I received no sympathy.

A cloudburst with thunder, lightning, and hail caught us as we entered Hance. A few miles below this showed up to reward us.

The requisite critters:

And a visit to the newly-demolished National Canyon delta. This must have been some kinda flash-flood.

Off next week for another two in a row. But first, a week of boatwork in the shop. My life is so hard.