Monday, January 14, 2013

Moe joe

What fun. Jewelry and make-up for Moe all day. Hinges and latches, screw-eyes and handles, green paint, weatherstripping, and lots of rope. The ancient icebox latches went on quite nicely and have a surprisingly satisfying feel as they close down.

The new brass screweyes look most excellent and the Hempex synthetic manila rope slid on very nicely. I used the same half-inch Hempex on the Edith and really like how it looks and handles. In this shot I am looking at WEN photos on the iPad to see how Nevills laced up his stern.


Greg got to get in a bit of screwing.

And I got to practice my Boy Scout Pioneering Merit Badge rope splicing.

I think Moe likes being all trussed up.

So: I guess she's about done. Once I get my oars figured out I can drill in the oarlock holes. A few dabs of paint yet to go. But for now, Moe is finito. Pretty exciting. So lest any moss grows on my rolling stone, I resurfaced the lofting table this evening so we can start drawing up the next boat tomorrow: a full-size Briggs dory commission, the Rio Rojo.

And as the temperatures drop below zero again, dinner by the indoor campfire.


  1. Wonderful trip! Do you find the endings bitter sweet?

  2. Bruce,
    Thanks for the good comments. In this case, no, bittersweet isn't in my repertoire. By that point in the build I am usually impatient to start the next boat. But there are some fine evening hours of just sitting and staring at the new girl.