Monday, January 18, 2016

Put a lid on it

Hatch lids. I seem to have devised an inordinately complex system for this. It seems to work, and I love the end result, but damn, it's a lot of work. Making the guttering just so. Then cutting all the rims just so and making each piece fit just so. Then epoxying them together just so. And marking out the panel for each one and gluing it into the rim just so. Then grinding and sanding, and glassing each one off the goddam things. And then wondering how they could possibly not fit perfectly. And making it so once again.And the big ones need a bit of extra laminate to make them sufficiently stiff. And then there's then damned latches. I guess it only takes a few days, but sheesh. It is so fun when someone orders an open boat. Zoom.

A few other concurrent projects: the adjustable footbrace.

The... I'm not sure what to call these other than king of expensive. Walnut seat extension/hand grips/tie-downs. I kinda like them.

Still got to cut out the removable ransom for motoring.


  1. I would be interested to see some details of the removal transom. As I have not yet put my transom back together from my fun in Hance last year, I would like to add this feature. Any additional pictures would be appreciated.

  2. Dang, just cut one out today and didn't get pictures. It's pretty simple. Cut out the part you want to be removable. Cover the stern area with waxed paper. Lay a fiberglass rim around the cavity formed on the boat and mash the transom back into it while it kicks. Then smooth things up and lay a coat of glass on the inside and outside of the removable part, and maybe some over the top edge. Did that make any sense?

  3. On my to do list too. Was going to do it with 1/4" lams on each side. Do you have any old pics, still not sure what's going on here. Thx.

  4. No pix. Honestly, I reinvent it every time. Just make it strong enough that when some big strong yahoo tries to push your beached boat into the river, he(she) does not bust the transom.. No rules--common sense. Think about it. Build it. If it doesn't work, fix it.