Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stripe salmon

Really, that mustard stripe does not look like a salmon to me. Not sure why they call it Salmon. But I sure like how it looks.

I'd like to say that today was as productive as the last few but... well, I had this quick project to do up at the house that should take maybe half an hour. Which was fine because today was mostly about a few small preparatory things for tomorrow. At five pee em I finally got the goddam project in the house done and was able to at least paint the salmon stripe. I just never know how a day is going to go. I'm just glad they keep going.


  1. The stripe looks a bit like cooked Salmon or maybe canned. Best, green Larry

  2. Salmon or not, you like it as I do because its a rich color and works well next to the rich red.