Monday, March 18, 2013

Dia de los Muertos

I started the decoupage work on the hatch linings today with Scott's images from Mexico's Day of the Dead. Pretty wild. Meanwhile Jim began lofting the rib sets for the new Betty Boop replica. It takes a while to get the hang of that, but we should be done drawing pictures ready to fire up the rib factory tomorrow.

After dinner we bolted the left-side gunwales to the Rio Rojo and used, as far as I know, the last four-inch, oval-headed, slotted, brass machine screws in the Milky Way. * sigh* They were my favorite fastener for gunwales, but I've been searching for more for about three years and no one makes them anymore. I did find one outfit whop volunteered to make them for me if I ordered 2500 of them, and about a buck-and-a-half apiece. That's enough for about fifty Briggs boats--a few more than I think I can rationalize right now. Fortunately I have exactly enough for this one last build.


  1. When your done lofting the Betty Boop would it be possible for me to get a table of offsets? I don't know if i would ever build one but i love her lines and would like to be able to reference them.

    I bet its going to be fun scratch building a Boop, the resto looked like it was a challenge.

  2. Once we are sure what we have makes an actual boat, we'll put together an extended table of offsets with positions, angles, bevels, etc. I will try to remember to post it here.