Monday, February 7, 2011

I knew that: remedial spiling 101

Right. It's all coming back to me now. When we built the replica of Buzz Holmstrom's Julius back in 2001 (below), the strakes were not straight either. Because the angles of the side get increasingly vertical as you move up the hull. So I learned to spile, which is the way you determine the curve of each successive strake using a long straight batten board and a compass. Another pretty simple technique, which I honestly did learn. But it fell out of my brain, and was not necessary on the last boat I built.

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  1. Spiling. I was going to ask you about that on Saturday, but I figured I was just off my rocker. We spiled one of the strakes on the Banks Dory I built. I mentioned that one of my nice clear strakes snapped when I was wrapping it? Now I remember: it was because it was so dang narrow in the middle!

    Fear not, intrepid one. We all forget shit!

    Steve Wilson