Monday, November 7, 2016

Free ship in the desert

A nice lady down the street here in Flagstaff would love for someone to come take away an abandoned boat project. It is a 27' plywood double-ended Sharpie. The hull is assembled and on a strongback. Included is a big pile of aluminum masts and rigging and a large pile of plywood to build the interior. It will take a fork-lift and a flatbed truck to move it, but the price is right. And it's an all or nothing deal--if you want any of it, you've got to take all of it.

Here is an internet shot of what the boat could become.

And here are a few shots of the hull as it sits:

Here is some of the rigging.

Now if you really don't want a giant boat, it could make a fine roof for a tool shed or meditation parlor. And there is enough plywood included to make the walls.

Or you could cut it in two, stand the halves on end in the forest and make shrines out of them. A place to house your giant Virgin of Guadalupe. Or that huge statue of the Whore of Babylon that's been out in the rain. Or both.

Anyhow, it makes boatheads like me weep to see a boat hacked into firewood or taken to the dump. If you're interested, let me know in the comment section and I will get you in touch with the boat's custodian.


  1. Lucky I live in Ohio (well, sorta). That is just the kind of thing I'd take on if I were closer. Still haven't divested myself of the 1952 Old Town canoe. Wife might just kick me out if I accumulate more stuff.

  2. Do you think this is still available? The rigging appears to include the frame from a 70's era Hobiecat. I assume that's what the mast and are likely from? For that boat might be best to go with smaller, unstayed ketchbrig and use wood spruce for masts. Would be an amazing project. If only I had seen this when posted a year ago and I still had a shop...

    1. I believe that boat was cut up into firewood. Sigh.