Monday, December 14, 2015

Well, it WAS a nice boat

But we decided to punch a bunch of holes in it.

Janek is gashing holes in the deck for the spare oar slot.

While Justin is blasting holes through the seat and hull for the seat self-bailers.

Maybe I should shoot it with the nail gun!

Or blast a hole through the boatman's footwell.

Oh, and we also ran the bilge pump plumbing from the passenger footwells to the main pump sump. Here's a wee bracket I made to hold the plumbing in place.

We then epoxied all the plumbing into it's new cavities and finished the day off with a mess of paint, which I forgot to photograph. Next: Hinges, hatch lids and latches.


  1. Looks like you're doing drainage different this build - through hull in footwell instead of out the side? Scupper valve in passenger well? Don't see any seat drains. Where does bilge PVC connect on each end?

  2. All three footwells drain to a bilge pump sump in the left side hatch. All three footwells also have a high-volume drain above waterline directly through the hull.