Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flat spiling with straightedge and board

I got distracted until late today and had to leave the shop early. But I did get the last of the troublesome bulkheads done, so it is pretty smooth sailing tomorrow. Here's the scrap of plywood that carried all the information on my thirteen-corned, compound-angled beast of a board. Each line points precisely to a corner point of the intended panel, and a mark along that line says precisely how far in that direction the corner lies. It transfers a complex pattern astonishingly well. The trick is cutting the 69° back-bevels.

The upper-left triangular pice is the one being spiled in the previous picture. With the cockpit nearly complete it looks from above a bit shrine-like. Perhaps a statue of the virgin and a few candles would look good on that shelf.

If this thing doesn't work out as a boat, maybe it could have another use.

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  1. OMG, those bulkheads. As nightmarish as any I've seen. And all the others back at the transom. Looking at one of these from the outside doesn't hint at was lies below the decks. Nice work dude! GL