Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lord Calvert meets Betty Boop


  1. I guess this settles what we'll be drinking on the rebuild inauguration trip.

  2. That would be my Dad, Ron Hayes, rowing the "Betty Boop" in Crystal with the bow nearly in the big hole that used to occupy that rapid's top third. The colors are original, and you can see the name across the transum. Note the Old School "Mae West" life jackets, which are completely illegal now because of their tendency to pop and fill with water, making then more of an anchor than a PFD. This photo was taken in the summer of 1970.

  3. What was the date of the Time magazine issue in which this ad appeared?

    I just did a trip on the upper San Juan with the Boop and her proud, new owner, both fine craft.


  4. Q-

    Don't know the dates of the Lord Culvert ads, but it ran in a lot of American and Canadian magazines over a few years. I got a couple from eBay, from unknown magazines in various sizes (one is sort of TIme magazine sized, another is more LIFE sized.)--search on eBay for: Lord Calvert ad.